How to Stop a Nose Bleed

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I am an expert at stopping a nose bleed. That should be classified under "I never thought I would say that" category. Growing up, my nose would start bleeding whenever it felt the need. It wasn't terribly often, but it was frequent enough I could tell when it was about to happen. If you are having frequent nose bleeds see your Doctor. There is a procedure done in the office that can "sear" the inside of your nose where the bleeding is occurring. It isn't very painful, and it will keep you from having to stock up on tissue.

Step 1
While you have a tissue pressed against your nose, rinse a wash cloth or paper towel with cold water. Ring out the water and place on the opening of the nose.

Step 2
Pinch your nose right underneath the cartilage of the nose. This will help the blood to clot. Don't forget to breath through your mouth.

Step 3
Sit down and lean forward. The blood should drain to the wash cloth or paper towel. You do not want to swallow the blood. It will make you nauseous and then you would have an even bigger mess to clean up.

Step 4
Rotate the wash cloth or paper towel every minute. You do not want the blood clot to become attached to the paper towel. Once you remove it, the clot will pull loose and the bleeding will start again. You may need more than one wet paper towel.

Step 5
If the bleeding is sever or if the bleeding does not stop within 30 minutes contact your doctor. I am not a physician, so contact your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

Having a bloody nose is not much fun, but knowing these simple steps will help it stop faster.


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