Craft: Chalk Board Platter

All of the sudden I have taken up crafting. I don't know where this person has come from, but I like doing things with my hands and seeing it come to fruition. Most of the crafts I do contain supplies that are readily available at home. I always thought that crafting required a room dedicated to crafting and cabinets filled with endless supplies. Boy was I wrong.

A couple of weeks ago we did a Chalk Board Platter at MOPS.  It was extremely easy, and it only takes 4 supplies.

Small Platter from the Dollar Store
Stick on Chalk Board Paper
Bow with wire edges
Hot Glue gun and glue

1.Trace the inside of the platter on a piece of construction paper or card stock. Cut out the shape of the platter.
2.Trace the outline of the shape onto the chalk board paper and cut it out.
3.Carefully peel the adhesive paper back and place on the platter.
4.Use a credit card or your hand to flatten out the chalk board paper and get rid of the air bubbles.
5.Tie a bow and hot glue it to the platter.

6.Take a piece of chalk and rub it all over the chalk board paper. This helps cure the paper. Wipe it off and you are ready to write your first message.

This cute message board can be placed on the wall or on the fridge.  I am still deciding where to put mine.

Happy Crafting,


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