Valentine Heart Garland

We made the heart wreath last week and decided there are not enough hearts in the house for Valentine's Day. Another craft was our only solution. This craft is simple and one that the little ones can help out with.

Strips of red, white, and pink paper that are 1.5 inches thick.

1. Take each piece of 1.5 inch paper and fold in half.
2. Turn the ends down to form a heart.

3. Slide the next folded piece of paper into the top of the heart and staple.

4. Continue until you get to the last heart.

5. At the top of the last heart you assemble, place the ribbon where the heart comes together and staple.

6. Hang on the wall or windows.

It is so much fun decorating the house for different holidays. What Valentine's Day crafts do you do with your children?


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