Free Saeed

It is not often that I write about political views, if ever. This story has hit home with me, and I feel it is important to share this young man's story and his fight for a greater good.

Photo from ACLJ
Saeed is an American Pastor that went to Iran to start an orphanage. He has been imprisoned and sentenced to 8 years in an Iranian prison for being a Christian and for sharing his faith. They are beating him in efforts to make him renounce Christ. There is a petition that will be presented to the U.N. on March 5th requesting the release of Saeed.

As Christians, we need to stand beside Pastor Saeed. Please join me in prayer and signing the petition to free Saeed.

Please feel free to pass along the links for the petition. We may not be able to travel to Iran to help him, but God is able to reach him and free him. Thanks for your support.


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