Vintage Finds

Last weekend we were in desperate need of getting out of the house. The four walls were closing in fast, and the antique store was calling my name. The husband was wonderful and instead of going to his favorite store we ventured to Frisco Mercantile. Rows upon rows of vintage finds, steals, and some way over priced items fill the warehouse style building. Nonetheless, I had to go for another visit.

 I was wishing this red chair came in an adult size. It is adorable.

 My oldest loved this chair, and said that he needed it for his room. His room is done in cars. Sorry kiddo.

 Love it!

 The colors were so bright and vibrant. I'm still not sure what it is used for though.

Are there any other antique fanatics out there?

Still wondering where I would put the stained glass piece,


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