A Chocolaty Lingerie Shower

My sister is getting married this month, and like every maid of honor I felt it necessary to throw her a lingerie shower. Rachel is a classy gal, so I promised I would not do anything to embarrass her. The location was a quaint little chocolate shop called Chocolate Secrets. They have the best chocolates, cakes, wines, and now they are offering ice cream. Yum!

Here's how the party went down. Maybe I shouldn't use that terminology in a lingerie shower post. Okay. Moving on.

Everyone arrived at 3pm on that Sunday afternoon. We had already requested tables be set up in the private room of the shop. It was quiet and had a non-threatening romantic feel about it. This was important to my sister. She didn't want to show off her new undies before the hubby could get a look. And I don't really blame her.

I gave everyone an opportunity to get started on their delicious treats while filling out slips of paper with date ideas for the bride and groom. We then gathered up the slips of paper into a glass bowl, and the bride picked one to read. The date idea that she drew received a prize.

After some people, who will remain nameless went back for seconds, we played one game. I made a list of 10 questions about the bride. Everyone had a great time with this and of course the lady that put down the most correct answers got a prize.

Then it was time to ooh and aah over the lingerie. It made me want to go buy some new pretty things to wear. It was a simple, elegant, tasteful, and stress free shower.

As you can, see we are all having a great time. I am taking the picture, and the plate in the foreground is mine. Yes, the chocolate is all gone.

Still wanting chocolate,


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