10 Questions to Ask Your Future Husband

So was it love at first sight? Did you date for what seemed eternity before he proposed, or did you pop the question? Marriage is something that is entered into with great expectations, and takes an undying devotion to make it succeed.
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So why not start you marriage off on the right foot? If you are not doing marriage counseling, I would highly recommend you take a course before walking down the aisle.

Before Kevin and I were married we had marriage counseling that only took about an hour, and it should have been much longer.Thankfully we discussed most of the important things on our own. It also helped that we went to the same church and had the same religious and moral views. Having a great foundation and learning how to communicate with your future spouse is huge. Do you understand? HUGE! :-)
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Here are some topics to discuss with your love bug before tying the knot.

1. Who is paying the bills, doing the budget every month, and balancing the check book. You both should have a say in finances, but deciding who will physically sit down and pay the bills is important.

2. How many children do you both want?

3. What type of disciple will be enforced in the house?

4. What type of birth control will you use?

5. When you have a fight (and you will), what are the ground rules for fighting fair?

6. When it comes to family, you need to know that you have each other's back. When his mom starts putting her two cents in, will he speak up for you? 

7. How often will you go on dates? You are crazy about each other now, but there will be a time when schedules get in the way and intimacy is left on the back burner, on low, and will begin to fizzle out. The good news is that you can keep the romance going with a little planning and communication.

8. Who will do the household chores? Will you split them down the middle, or take turns doing household chores?

9. Religious view? Are you both of the same faith? Will you raise your children to believe in a certain faith? Will you attend services together as a family?

10. Discussing health and death issues are never fun, but it is a necessary thing. You will need a will and power of attorney. Are you an organ donor? What are your wishes in case of a life threatening accident? To whom do you want to leave your jewelry, etc? I know it is a morbid thought, but it needs to be discussed.

Are you going to take marriage counseling? What was your experience with premarital counseling? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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