10 Free Date Ideas

Keeping the romance alive while living our busy lives can be a challenge. To make things a little easier, and to give your wallet a break, we have come up with 10 free date ideas for you and your honey.

1. Go to the Park. There was a park in Abilene that Kevin and I use to go to when we were dating. We would walk around the park and enjoy each other's company. Bring a picnic lunch with whatever you have at home, and enjoy being outside.

2. Museums. Explore the history in your community or an art gallery in the downtown area. You'll be surprised at the treasures you find for free. Plus in this heat, you will want to stay indoors.

3. Sporting Goods Store. Girls I know that you are going to sign at this, but it is free, your guy will be entertained, and again it has a/c. Kevin loves going to Cabela's. They have a large aquarium with all kinds of large fish. The array of animals is astounding, and I always take Kevin's picture with one of the animals.

4. Zoo. When I was a little girl living in Tyler, TX, the zoo was free. Check your local zoo to see if they have a free day during the week or on special days during the month.

5. Window shopping and antiquing are some of my favorite pass times. Walk the downtown square and explore the antique district. Go to your local flea market or Farmer's Market. There are a wide variety of goods to browse through.

6. Botanical Gardens. Add a little color to your dates with beautiful flowers. Most gardens offer free self guided tours.

7. Movie Night. Head over to your local library and check out a couple of movies. Libraries have great movie selections, they are free, and you get to keep the rentals longer. Have the kids go to the sitters and have a nice night in together with a big bowl of popcorn and a thriller. You do want to sit close together after all.

8. Bike Riding. If you are more of the outdoor types, then check out your community bike trails.

9. Game Night. Take a game of checkers to your local coffee shop, or play cards at the park, or ping pong in the garage. Get creative with the stakes. The winner gets a back rub or gets to pick the restaurant for your next date night.

10. Visit Historical Homes. This is for the history buff, and those of us who love things of a gone by era. Most historical homes offer free self guided tours. They usually close early, so make this an afternoon date.

You may be pinching pennies, but that doesn't mean you have to scrimp on the date night activities. Some of the best dates I have been on were free. Enjoy the company of your sweetie, and kindle that fire.

Happy Dating,

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