Great Finds at Frisco Mercantile

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. My husband and I visited one of my favorite places to shop this weekend. Frisco Mercantile has a ton of great little booths full of vintage antiques, clothing, jewelry, and many other treasures. Here are a few pictures of some of the great finds.

I looked for the longest time for a cake stand with a lid. This one is gorgeous, and it was only $20.

This trunk would be great for a coffee table and added storage.

I don't know where I would put this, but I thought it was awesome.

The ruby ring is the one I was going for in the picture. I think it would be a nice anniversary present since we got married in June. 

Didn't think I would see this with the antiques, and my husband was glad he came with me. 

This small fan is a slate blue. Love it!

Again, I don't know where I would put this since I have two little boys. It is so pretty though. 

This would be a perfect gift for a hostess, mother, or sister if you included a fabulous hand soap or lotion.

I love crystal. Need I say more?

For my Mom, the seamstress. 

This would be great for a little boy's room or a game room.

My husband, the cook was taken with this stove. It had a pressure cooker in the range.

Do you love to go antiquing? I would love to hear about your treasures. 

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