Family Portraits

Finding the perfect spot for family pictures can be a mission in itself. We prefer doing outdoor pictures because the light is perfect, and the studio just seems too rehearsed. My sister is a great photographer, and she agreed to take pictures of my four. Our family has grown since we last took family pictures, and it was time to capture the memories. So, I have to show you some of the pictures from our photo shoot.

When looking for a place to take pictures, keep these things in mind.

*Is it a public place? Does a friend or a family member have a beautiful backyard you can use? Does a business or hotel have fabulous grounds that you would like to use? Call and get permission before hand to use privately owned locations.

*Ask your friends and family if they know of a great park or downtown area for taking pictures.
*Do you want props in your photos? If so, props can range from cars to fountains to a single rose. Use your imagination, and see what happens.

*Have the members of your family stay within the same color family when picking out picture day outfits. Don't be too matchy matchy. Okay, so I know all the guys are wearing red, but I was working with what I had. :-)

*When it comes to little ones in the family, make sure the pictures are after nap time, and the kiddos have had at least a snack. Awake children with full tummies take much better pictures.
*If after you have taken the time to do these things for your children and they still do not want to take pictures, bribery could also be an option. Use at your own discretion.

*Have fun, and have your photographer take a ton of pictures.

Do you have any suggestions for where or how to take family photos?

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