What to Ask a Wedding Reception Venue

You have to find the guy, then the dress, then the place to get married, and then a place to cut the cake before you can walk down the aisle. Knowing what questions to ask is half the battle. Ask these questions before booking your wedding reception venue in order to insure you are getting your money's worth.

*Are they available the day of your wedding?
*Is there any other events held there that day?
*How much time do you have for set up, reception, and breakdown?
*Do they provide a clean up crew?
*Outlets: Are there enough for the DJ, extra lights, photo booth, etc.?
*What is included with the rental of the venue: glassware, silverware, plates, dance floor, tables, linens, chairs, waitstaff, bartender, etc?
*If you don't have a wedding planner, ask if they have a preferred vendor. You could possibly get a discount if you use vendors from their list.
*Are valet services allowed or offered?
*What is the policy for decorations? Can you hang anything on the wall or from the ceiling? If so what can you hang decoration with?
*Are fireworks permitted, and if so is there a city permit required?
*Is there a changing room for brides that have a special wedding dress just for the reception or that want to change before heading out on her honeymoon?
*If the venue also has guests rooms, can you get a discount rate for your wedding guests?

If you have any questions you think are important to ask a venue, let me know.

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