Wedding Veils and How to Choose the Right One for You

There are so many decisions that have to be made during the planning process of a wedding. Choosing a veil is no exception. The dress is the main event and the veil is the accent piece. It has to fit with the flow of the gown, stand out, yet not take away from the wedding dress. So if I haven't completely flipped you out, let's see which veil is right for you.

The Cathedral length veil is perfect for the traditional and formal weddings. If your gown is simple and you want to play up the veil this would be a great way to do so. Adding lace or rosettes to a Cathedral Veil makes it more formal.

Cathedral Length Veil

Wearing flowers or jeweled clips in your hair for the wedding is a big trend right now. If you are more laid back and are not have a traditional wedding, then this could be the look for you. The flower on one side instead of a veil is great for the beach wedding, destination wedding, and girls who like to party. This look is also a money saver. Veils can get expensive. So if this is more budget friendly and it fits the style of your wedding, go for it.

Flower in Hair

The Wrist Length Veil is for the girl who likes things to be just right. This is for the girl who wants a touch of tradition without the tradition getting in the way on the dance floor. This look is great for showing off the details of the gown. It can also be done with or without a blusher. The choice is yours. The Wrist Length Veil looks fabulous with ribbon, pearl, or jeweled trim all along the edge.

Wrist Length Veil

The Blusher Veil is becoming more popular with the brides who what a vintage and down to earth feel on their big day. It still shows sophistication without a lot of fuss. The Blusher Veils come as clips or headbands. They are comfortable to wear and easy for the diy bride to make herself.

Blusher Veil

Whichever veil you decide to wear on your day should accent the dress and not take away from it. Have a wonderful wedding, and best wishes.


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