Quick and Cheap Halloween Games

Dressing up and going trick or treating is fun, but when you get to combine that with a family friendly Halloween party it becomes a memorable event. Budgets are tight and time is short, but there is no need to cancel your Halloween party this year. These four activities will add fun, fright, and competition for your guests.

Having your guests wear costumes automatically adds an activity to your party. When the guests have all arrived, have them place a ballad for each age group for the most creative costume. After the snacks have been served and the votes tallied give a first place ribbon to the winner. Shredding the bottom of a black ribbon and adding a plastic spider to it will make a spooky prize.

Next, pair up your guests for the mummy wrap game. One person takes a whole role of toilet paper and wraps his partner from head to toe. The team that finishes first wins. Give the winning group toilet paper wrapped in orange tissue paper with black and purple ribbon. A practical, yet fun gift that everyone will get a kick out of.

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If you live in a safe and friendly neighborhood, have your guests split up into their family units and go around the neighborhood asking for art supplies to decorate a pumpkin. We did this at a Halloween party a couple of years ago, and the neighbors were so willing to help.  Note: Always have adults go with children.

Make sure your guests do not go to the same house to asks for the art supplies and give them a flashlight to carry with them. We were all sent different directions and everyone came back with different craft supplies. When everyone gets back to the house, have your guests decorate a pumpkin. Before the guests start home give a prize to the best decorated pumpkin. A small basket of art supplies as the first place prize will be a wonderful gift for the winning family.

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For the last game of the night, creep your guests out with a little guessing game. Turn a cardboard box upside down. Cut a hole in the side of the box big enough to fit your fist through. Place a bowl of gummy worms or cooked elbow noodles at room temperature under the box. Bury a small object in the bowl like a toy car or spider ring. Have your guests stick their hand in through the hole and listen to them shriek in disgust. Have each one whisper what the object is to you, and if they get it right give them a goodie bag of gummy worms.

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These games are great for your next family oriented Halloween party. Even when on a budget, you can still have a great time. Do you have any spooky Halloween games to share?

Happy Halloween,

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