Moving Checklist

Moving can be one of the most exciting and stressful times in your life. If you are like the thousands of people that are moving, and you are not hiring professionals to handle all of the heavy lifting, there is no need to stress. We have got you covered.

Kevin and J with the keys to the new house.

This year was hectic for our family. I graduated from college in April, my husband is going back to school, we moved in June, we had a baby in September, and that was just the the big things that come to mind. The only way we survived was making joint to-do lists for my husband and for myself. This helped us assign who would do what so that nothing would be forgotten about. After as many moves as we have made you would think this would be old hat, but it never is. We moved only 5 minutes away, but it was still a big ordeal. Here are some of the lists of things that helped us make this hectic year and move a little less stressful.

Packing Supplies:
*Newspaper/Butcher Paper
*Packing Tape
*Bubble Wrap
*Shrink Wrap
*Styrofoam Peanuts (If you have very fragile items and are moving a long distance)

Utilities To Change:
*Home Phone
*Cell Phone
*Renter's/Home Owner's Insurance
*Car Insurance (Note: Price of insurance my change based on where you move, even if it is across the street)
*Note: Deposits may be required even if you have a letter of good standing from your former carriers.)

Change of Address:
*All bills
*Post Office
*Doctor Office (Have them forward to new doctor when you make your next appointment)
*Family and Friends (Send email or a cute new address post card)

To Do List Before Move:
*Clean our closets, dressers, garage, storage unit or closet, and junk drawers.
*Make a sell, keep, donate, and trash pile. This will cut down on packing and save you time and energy later.
*Reserve the rental truck, moving blankets, dollies, and friends to help with the move.
*Make the necessary purchases before the move. (Example: refrigerator, microwave, furniture, bug spray, cleaning supplies, etc.)
*If you have big purchases, request the items to be delivered on your moving day or before so they will be ready to go and in place before all the boxes arrive.
*Set up a babysitter for small children. Small children will want to be in on all of the action, but they could get hurt and be in the way. Have someone scheduled to watch your little ones on moving day. They will be entertained and you will not have to play mommy and moving lady in the same day.
*Have cash on hand and be prepared to buy everyone dinner for their hard work.
*Have water bottles, Gatorade, and protein filled snacks available for the entire move. (Moving is hard work. It was 115 degrees the day we moved. Stay hydrated.)

Moving isn't fun, but it can be less stressful with a little preparation. Do you have any moving tips?


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