One of my Favorite Things: Shoes

Anyone who knows me, can tell you that I love shoes. They can make or break an outfit, they can make you feel sexy, and they will still look great if you gain or lose a couple of pounds. I would rather buys shoes than cloths any day of the week.

When my sister and cousin went to London a couple of weeks ago, my cousin decided to buy me the most expensive souvenir I have ever received. She spotted these Guess shoes and told my sister that I must have them. When she brought them home, I was blown away. They are fabulous, and they fit!

Now all I have to do is throw and party and get a fabulous dress to go with them. (I guess I'd better wait until the baby is born before I go prancing around serving hor' dourves in these beauties.)

So, what is the most expensive pair of shoes you have? Do you only wear them for special occasions, or are you never seen without them?


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