Thanksgiving Day Tips

Food is the main agenda for most of us on Thanksgiving Day. Ovens will be going non-stop and the smells of turkey and sweets will fill the house days in advance of the feast. After all of this cooking, leftovers will be on the menu for Thanksgiving Dinner. Here are a couple of tips for keeping your Thanksgiving safe and convenient.

*Don’t leave food out longer than 4 hours. After that the food will be spoiled andwill have to be thrown out. 
*Use the leftover rolls to make turkey and ham sandwiches Thanksgiving night.
*Have a fruit and cheese tray available to snack on while the turkey finishes cooking.
*Cook desserts the day before.
*Follow theses instructions for thawing out the turkey
*Clean out the refrigerator to make room for all the yummy food that everyone will bring.
*This would be a great time of year to spoil yourself and have a maid come and clean up the house. You will be busy with the finishing preparations and cleaning can be delegated to someone else.
*Make sure the guest room is clear of clutter and unnecessary furniture to make room for your guest to put their things.
*Become a fan of post it notes. I read this tip somewhere, but can’t remember where. Whoever wrote it was a genius! Place post-its around the house, for instance, around the kitchen where things need to get done. After each task is done take down the post-it.
*If you have a large family gathering do buffet style instead of a sit down meal.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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