Thanksgiving Check List

I hope this list will help you finalize your Thanksgiving plans, and hopefully relieve some stress.
*Plates, cups, napkins, dinnerware
*Beverages (water, tea, sodas, adult beverages, milk and juice for the kids)
*Serving Trays
*Hot Pads
*Batteries for the camera and video camera
*Thaw the turkey, pie shells, and anything else that you plan on making in advance
*Table center piece
*Table cloth
*Serving spoons for all the side dishes
*Sharpen the knife that will cut the turkey.
*Have plenty of paper-towels available for spills
*Fill all the hand soap dispensers.
*Stock bathrooms with toilet paper and clean hand towels
*Make room in a designated place for everyone’s coats and purses

Make Thanksgiving as stress free as possible by including the entire family in the preparation process. Don’t be afraid to assign tasks to the kids. Everyone has something to be thankful for and can join in to help. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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