Wedding Wednesday: Who Pays for What?

Traditional weddings are not so "traditional" anymore. The parents don't always pay for the cost of the nuptials, and dresses aren't always white, and shoes are sometimes optional. That's what makes weddings so wonderful. They are a combination of the two unique lives that are about to become one.

What if the mother-of-the-groom wants to pay for some of the wedding, but you are not sure what would be appropriate or customary? Bette Matthews, author of "The Wedding Workbook", has assembled a list of what the bride and groom's families traditionally pay for in a wedding.

Bride's Family:
*Groom's Ring
*All Stationery and Postage
*Wedding Gift for the Groom
*Gifts for the Bride's attendants
*Lodging for the Bride's out-of-town attendants
*Bridesmaid's party
*Bride's attire and trousseau
*Flowers for the female attendants
*Photography and Videography
*Fees for ceremony site
*Decorations/flowers for the ceremony site
*Music for the ceremony and reception
*Fees for reception, including site rental
*Food, beverages, and gratuities
*Decorations for the reception
*Any miscellaneous reception fees, such as valet parking and coat check

Groom's Family:
*Bride's ring
*Wedding gift for the Bride
*Marriage License
*Officiant's fee
*Groom's attire
*Gifts for Groom's attendants
*Lodging for Groom's out-of-town attendants
*Bride's bouquet
*Corsages for mothers
*Boutonnières for men in wedding party
*Rehearsal Dinner

If you and your fiancé are paying for the wedding but your relatives would like to contribute to your happy day, encourage them to pay for items from this list. There will be less of a financial headache for you, and your family will feel apart of your wedding day.

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