How To Be A Friendly House Guest

For some families, it can be trying to stay in the same room with your relatives, but I am fortunate that my family enjoys each other's company. So, when I needed a place to stay for a class that I was taking, it was no question on whether I could stay with me sister or not. She welcomed into her home with open arms. Rachel provided not only a place to stay, but snacks, beverages of my choice, and made me feel right at home.

Here are some helpful hints if you are going to be a house guests.

*Be open with your host about your schedule and ask about his/her schedule as well.
*Don't be picky when it comes to food. Most host will give you a choice and try to accommodate you when it comes to meals and snacks.
*Bring your own toiletries. Don't expect them to provide you with the basics.
*Know when it is time to leave. Don't wear out your welcome.
*Offer to help with daily chores; such as taking out the trash and making the bed.
*No matter how long you are staying, offer to pay for some of the meals.
*Clean up after yourself.
*Don't criticize the host's decor or the way they run their household.

Just remember that you are a guest in someone's home, and that the golden rule is always the best to follow. I know that most of this is common sense, but I hope it will be a good reminder. Hope you have a great visit with your friends and family.

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