Children's Party Essentials Check List

A child's first birthday is a big deal. As you can see we enjoyed opening the gifts as much as J, our son. I was sent a 1st birthday check list by Toys R Us a few months before J turned 1, and it got me to thinking about a general check list that could be used for any child's birthday party.

Paper Supplies:
*Postage Stamps
*Thank you notes

*Balloons/helium tank
*Birthday Candles
*Banner/Wall Decor
*Table Covering or Table Cloth
*Commemorative Bib or Place Mat

Party Goods:
*Party Hats
*Party Horns

*Supplies for each game or activity
*Party Music
*Pinata and/or Games

*Party Food
*Beverages for children and adults

*Video Camera
*Film/Memory Card
*Baby Book (to write special memories in)

Have fun planning your children's parties. If you have any ideas or questions, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you.


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