Back to School for the Grown Ups

You know fall is nearly here when you hear the first school bell and watch children frantically running for class as their parents smile with delight. But school isn't just for the kiddos anymore.
I'm heading back to school myself. After taking a break while having my son, J, I decided that it was time to finish my BA. To my surprise I only have 15 hours left before I graduate, and I'm looking forward to walking across the graduation stage next May. My husband is going back to school as well to get his BA in Business Administration. (So proud of him!)

Life will be crazy for the next year, but I think it will be all worth it in the end. September 1st marks the beginning of our busy year. Are there any grown ups returning to school to further their education? I'd love to hear how you are managing all that life demands.
Have a great school year!

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