Preparing for House Guests

Preparing for house guests is a snap if you know what to stock up on. Everyone wants to make their guest feel at home and welcome. Some guests forget toiletry items or their slippers. You don't have to provide an electric toothbrush, but a spare toothbrush comes in handy. Use the list below when planning for your house guests.

*Toothbrush & Toothpaste
*Body Wash & Shampoo
*Disposable Razors
*Stock the guest bathroom with Toilet Paper
*Stock your pantry with Snacks and Beverages
*Have plenty of Sheets, Blankets, and Pillow Cases in the linen closet. Make the bed with clean sheets and blankets the day before your guest arrive.
*Clean out the refrigerator to store snacks and leftovers

Having these items ahead of time will allow you and your guests to relax even if they forgot a few necessities.

Are there items you would add to the list to make your guests feel more at home?

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