Wedding Wednesday: Get a Wedding Dress for less than $500

Some might say that the single most important element to a wedding is the dress. It is the centerpiece which sets the stage for the design and style of the wedding. That doesn't mean that it has to cost the most.

Brides on a budget have options. Here are five ways to get a dress for less than $500.

*Dry Cleaners. Many dry cleaners will hold unclaimed wedding dresses for months. After about a year, the wedding dresses are sold at rock bottom prices. Call your local dry cleaners today.

*Consignment Shops. We are use to hearing about consignments like Goodwill or Kid to Kid, but can anything sophisticated come from a second hand store. Absolutely! You will need to spend time search through racks of clothing, but you can find great steals for pennies on the dollar.

*Craigslist/Ebay. With tough economic times, many women are selling their wedding gowns to help pay for bills or to clear out the closets for downsizing. You can find great deals within minutes, and with Craigslist there is no shipping charge. Bonus!

*Something Borrowed. Your Mother or Grandma would love to see you walk down the isle in her wedding dress. It gives a sense of tradition, and saves you a pretty penny.

*Rent a Dress. For the not so sentimental bride, you might consider renting a wedding dress. After all its a dress that you are going to wear only once. Renting a wedding dress will give you the option of wearing the latest styles at bargain prices.

Necessity is the mother of all invention, and women in love will find a way to look beautiful on their special day no matter the economic climate. Happy shopping!

Let me know how you saved on your big day. I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Great ideas!

    Another option is to buy a new dress and sell it afterwards. You can generally get about 50% of the cost back as long as the dress has been cleaned and has no stains or tears.

    So if you spend $1000 on a new dress and sell it afterwards for $500 - you still get the dress of your dreams for $500!

    We run a site called, it's like craigslist, but just for wedding stuff.

    Good luck, girls!

  2. Thanks for the tip. We love all the tidbits of info. :-)