Wedding Jewlery: How to Select the Best Jewelry for Your Big Day

Camera flashes will be going off, and your day will be forever immortalized. You've got the dress, you know the hairstyle you will wear, the veil has been selected, but now you need to find jewelry to go with your whole ensemble.
Earrings by Lisa D Jewelry 

Here are a few tips when selecting the perfect jewelry for your wedding day.

Keep it Simple:
You want the focus to be on how beautiful you look, not your jewelry. Costume jewelry might be great for Saturday night, but not for your wedding.

Stay with a Trend:
Gray is the new wedding color. If you are not sure how to include it on your special day, try grey or black pearls. They will add a touch of elegance with a hint of this great wedding color.

Something Borrowed:
Many brides borrow jewelry from their friends, mother, or grandmother. It represents the "something borrowed" sentiment, and will provide special memories of your wedding day when looking back at pictures.

Choose One Main Piece:
You don't want your jewelry battling each other for attention. Pick stud earrings so you can showcase your sparkling diamond necklace. Another option is to wear dangling diamond earrings, and not wear a necklace at all. No matter what you choose, just make sure there is one focal point. The jewelry should compliment your dress and the other pieces of jewelry.

Finding the right jewelry for your wedding should be a fun experience. So, happy shopping.


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