Friday, November 21, 2014

Make-Over: Kitchen Chairs

A year or so after Kevin and I were married, our wonderful friends Iain and Carrie gave us their kitchen table. It was an upgrade from our garage sale find, and it was much better than sitting on the floor. Their dog had chewed on one of the chair legs, but it wasn't too terrible.

This is the before look.

After 13 years, I decided that the table needed a makeover. The process was slow going, and then I got pregnant with our third child. It was time to call in the professional. 

The after photo!

Charla finished the chairs, and they look fantastic. The table expands to seat six, but I only had four chairs. 

I found this fabulous bench on Offer Up for $30. It's normally $80 at Ikea. Yay for saving! The table now looks like it fits in my French country kitchen.

Have you refinished any furniture? Would you try it again?


Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Stages of Laundry

Laundry is one of the most dreaded chores of all time. Granted, we do not have to wash clothing and diapers by hand like some of our grandmothers did, but it is a nemesis that we all face. So, instead of giving step by step instructions on how to wash, dry, fold, and put away your laundry within one hour, I thought I would write down the different stages of laundry that we have all followed at some point in our lives. For some of us this is a weekly occurrence.

1. Look in your closet and dresser and find nothing to wear. 
2. Husband asks where the clean clothes are, and you respond with "I'll wash some today." 
3. Children do not have any seasonal clothing to wear, so you dress them in swimwear and then a coat and boots. 
4. You look for washcloths to wash little hands and faces and there are none in the linen closet and the laundry baskets only contain mismatched socks. 
5. You start noticing all of the dirty clothing on the floor, in the bathroom, and you can not longer see the hamper because the dirty clothes have overtaken it. 
6. You are fed up and decide to lock yourself in the house until all the laundry is washed. 
7. On your third load of laundry you start looking around the laundry room and realize how badly this room has been neglected. 
8. Start researching on Pinterest for quick laundry room make over ideas and storage solutions. 
9. You put another load on and while looking at all the gorgeous laundry rooms online, you accidentally put a red shirt in with your husband's whites and now they are pink. 
9. You bleach all the whites. 
10. You have now picked out your new laundry room and almost faint when you see the price. 
11. While sitting to fold the first load of laundry, you remember that Hobby Lobby has the perfect decor for your laundry room.
12. You leave the laundry on the couch and grab your keys and head out the door.
13. After an afternoon of shopping, you bring back a sign that fits perfectly in your laundry room.  
14. The day is coming to a close, and you start to lay out pajamas for your children and get your clothes ready for the next day. 
15. Then you recall that all the clothes are either wet or unfolded on the couch and in laundry baskets. 16. Everyone is sent to find their own clothing and towels.
16. Your husband asks why some of his undershirts are pink.
17. You give him a look death and show him the new sign hanging up for the laundry room. 
18. Two weeks go by and you are still looking for laundry on the couch and in laundry baskets. You are fed up with digging through clothes and decide to sit down, fold your laundry, and put it away in one afternoon. After all, there's only half of the laundry that you started with two weeks ago. 
19. As different family members pass by, you reach out and grab them. You tell them to take the clean, folded laundry and put it away neatly and their dressers. 
20. You threaten them with an inch of their lives if they drop the clean, folded laundry. 
21. For two days everyone has clean clothes to wear and they can find whatever they need. Everyone has clean towels and clean washcloths. 
22. The next day the laundry fiasco starts all over again.

So, does anyone else do this laundry dance?


Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday's Fave Five

Happy Friday! It's freezing outside so I have flannel sheets on the bed, hot chocolate flowing, and the fire blazing. We also have a play date today with Charla and her cutie pie daughter. While I finish straightening up the house, check out this week's faves.

Tuesday was Veterans Day, and I'm proud to call this veteran my husband. He was a C-130 crew chief in the Air Force, and he loved his job. Thank you to all the Veterans and current military who fight daily for our freedom. You are appreciated! 

Cold weather deserves fuzzy bunny slippers. Baby girl looks so cute! 

I used to sell Mary Kay, and I had a good reason for quitting

Antiquing is like a therapy and I found some great treasures. 

Wouldn't a cowgirl baby shower be the most adorable way to celebrate a little baby girl? Check out these precious items from Etsy. 

Have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why I Quit Selling Mary Kay

College students don't make the most money. If they do, they usually drop out of college because they have found an untapped market. I was at the other end of the spectrum. I worked full time and went to school part time. Without a degree my pay was very low, and I needed to supplement our income with little side projects.

The lure of owning a business was always attractive to me, and after doing very little research I signed up to be a Mary Kay consultant. One of my good friends signed up, and I attended one of the monthly pep rallies meetings. Everything sounded legit, and I knew to stay away from pyramid schemes. What did I have to lose? So, after buying the $100 starter kit, I was a real saleswoman.

You may think I am suggesting that Mary Kay is a corrupt company and you should never work for them. On the contrary, I loved their products and when pitching to my friends they commented what a great saleswoman I was becoming. There was just one problem. The income that I needed never followed the investment I made. I sold everyone else on the products, but didn't sell myself on the business. Mark Kay was one of a long list of jobs where I was searching for my calling and my career. 

Instead of hitting the books harder to finish school sooner, I tried to put a band-aid on the problem. The faster I finished school the sooner, I could pursue my true passion. There was just one thing obscuring the vision of my future. It was the need to make a living, to make money. I have always viewed my value as being equal to the amount on the paycheck or how much I saved at the grocery store. It was a tangible way to place worth on myself. Honestly, it is something I still struggle with. If people don't buy my book, accept my bids, or request to renew the contract then it is a reflection of my self worth. 

After a long talk with Kevin, I decided that I didn't want to proceed with my career as a Mary Kay consultant. I was going to school to be a writer. I wanted to change the world with the written word, give encouragement to the weak, spark a love for learning in a child, and speak for those who do not have a voice. There is nothing wrong with selling make-up. It was not my calling, and it was not my passion. I let the need and the desire to bring in more and more money get in the way of what I love. I'm still a work in progress, but the more I pursue what God has laid on my heart to accomplish, the need to bring home the bacon is chipped away one key stroke at a time.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Etsy: Cowgirl Baby Shower

The other day, my friend Alyson ordered the cutest pair of baby cowboy boots from a shop on Etsy. It made me think of how adorable a cowgirl baby shower would be, so I started searching. There is a great collection of cowgirl baby shower items on Etsy. Here are some of my favorites to help you start planning.

Throw out the traditional "it's a girl" decor. Go with a print from Kala's Korner that can be used in the baby's nursery after the party.

This invitation from Styles with Charm is perfect. Add a note on the invitation for the guests to dress in their favorite cowgirl attire. 

Party decor that doubles as nursery decor is a winner! After the party the mommy-to-be can hang this adorable wreath by Dazzlin Doorz by Kristi on the nursery door.

Girls, we all know that the shoes make the outfit. Use these cute boots from Puddintoes as a part of the centerpiece and then baby girl will have her first pair of boots too.

The cupcake toppers from EMT Sweetie were too cute to pass up. They will put the finishing touches on the dessert table.

Like I said before, change up the decor a little with this simple, southern banner from Fresh Lemon Blossoms.

Please do not play the toilet paper game! Instead download The Price is Right from The Party Stork. The baby mama will thank you.

Saying thank you is an important part of any shower. Say it with cowgirl pizzazz with these thank you notes from Lemon Tree Cards.

Happy Planning,


Monday, November 10, 2014

Antiquing Never Gets Old

There is a magical place that has rows and rows of miniature shops with antiques and beautiful things for sale. One can spend hours looking through the array of furniture and trinkets. This happy place is the Frisco Mercantile, and I had the opportunity to visit the other day. It's where I go to get away for a bit and look at pretty things while the theme song to Wild Kratts playing over and over n my mind slowly fades in the distance. I found some great items, but sadly nothing came home with me. There is always next time, though.

There is no place in my house for this gorgeous piece, but I might be willing to knock out a couple of walls to see it in my home. 

Our master bedroom is shaping up to have a beachy theme to it. I thought this clock would look nice hanging on the wall, but I didn't know if it worked. 

Stuff! That is what every drawer in the house should have as a label. Ha! The yellow side table was one of a pair, and they would look great in a craft room or as bed side tables.

I found the missing cookie jar! My kitchen desperately needs a set of French country canisters, but I can never find a complete set. Maybe I should just buy several of these cookie jars instead. 

Speaking of my kitchen, this gorgeous vase called for me to take it home and sit on my counter top. Wouldn't it look fabulous with fresh flowers in it or as a spoon holder?

Our beach themed master bedroom also needs these round mirrors to go above the bed side tables. They were just more than I wanted to spend. 

My little excursion to the antique mall was just what I needed. Maybe next time, I can take a picture of something I actually buy. 

Happy Antiquing,


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Review and Activities: Sleepover with Beatrice & Bear

Monica Carnesi, has written and illustrated a creative tale of friendship with a hidden learning opportunity. Beatrice and Bear become the best of friends and spend the entire summer together. Time comes for Bear to hibernate and Beatrice thinks it's a sleepover. She realizes that the sleepover is a little too long and that Bear is missing all the great things about winter. Beatrice decides to put a book together describing the long cold months while Bear is asleep. After the hibernation is over, Beatrice and her friend reunite and look at the book together. 

Activities to go with the book:
1. Nap time. Okay, you will enjoy this one, but your child may not be a fan. 
2. Play date 
3. Roast marshmallows 
4. Scrapbook with your children 
5. Cut out snowflakes 

Happy Reading,

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