Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Child's Classmates

Last year my son was welcomed to the world of Valentine's Day at school. I had to idea you were supposed to put a sweet treat or goody with the card. Shouldn't there be a memo go out for these things? As a result, my son's Valentine cards were bare.

Not this year! I'm not a big fan of having candy in the house every day. As a result, I'm on the lookout for favors that won't give his classmates cavities. Dentist will hate me. 

Here are a few ideas to go with your child's Valentine's Day cards. 

Teach the guys at a young age to give jewelry. I'm only thinking of their future wives. Heart bracelets are great for passing out with a sweet card. 

Does your child use pencils at school? Put a pencil and a sharpeners with each card. Done!

Slinkies! Who doesn't like a slinky? It's a simple toy that will keep them occupied for at least five minutes. 

My children love stamps (even though I'm not a fan). Attach a princess stamp for the girls and a super hero stamp for the boys. 

More ideas:
Small sticker books
Small package of crayons
Little note pads
A silly straw for each classmate
A piece of fruit
Coupon for a free ice cream at Chick-Fil-A (Call ahead to see if your Chick-Fil-A will give you coupons)
Slap Bracelets (yes, they are back)

Check out the party favor aisle for more ideas. Don't forget to give a little gift card or special card to the teacher as well. 

Happy Valentine's Day,


Valentine's Day From Sweet Tea Prints

Our shop is taking off, and we are excited to give you a lovely selection for Valentine's Day. We now offer t-shirts! Here are the items we offer with LOVE.

The Be Mine t-shirt is great for every member of your family.  You can also order the design on pillows, totes, and sweatshirts. 

Show your spouse what you really think about him with the Forever My Valentine t-shirt. All of our designs can be personalized.

Looking for a flyer background for Valentine's Day? You can also use this printable for a love note, newsletters, and games. 

I have to admit, I'm partial to this card. It's my design, and Rachel executed it perfectly. Sometimes you don't have the words to say how much you love your Valentine.

A personalized Valentine card is a lovely way to show you care. Use our adorable card for a school Valentine exchange and send to family and friends. 

We are so excited about our shop that we are offering a 10% discount on all orders. Use promo code THANKYOU. Let us personalize or create custom designs for you. 

Happy Valentine's Day,


A Valentine's Day Free Printable

It's not even February yet, and I'm already sharing the love. A few days ago, I made a simple yet chic heart banner, and now I'm giving it away as a free printable. The small hearts are a swirl design. Originally, the two different hearts were going to be separate banners, but they complemented each other well.

Download the Swirly Heart Banner here.
Print out the Love Banner here.

You can glitter the swirls, bedazzle the letters, or use ribbon to hang the banner vertically. Go crazy!

Have a great Valentine's Day!


Should You Use Walmart Grocery Pickup?

Have you heard of Wal-Mart's grocery pickup? It's not a new concept in the grocer world, but it's new to my area. Once I heard of this option, I began asking questions.

I've tried it twice now, and there are a few things to know before you get started.

1. Plan In Advance
If you want to pick up a few things the same day, then you are out of luck. You have to reserve your time slot for pickup. Usually the time slots are 48 hours out. If you need groceries now, it's best to go to the store.

2. Reserve a Time
Once you start shopping and reserve the pickup time, you will need to finish your shopping within 24 hours. The last time I reserved a time, I had less than four hours to finish my shopping. You have to check out to keep the reserved time you select. Pay attention when you select the reservation time because there will be a pop up box with the time you have to check out by.

The best option is to put all your items in the cart. You can also add your favorites or most frequently used items in the favorites category. This will keep you from looking up the same items every time. Once you reserve your time, then you check out. They will charge you when you check out online and not when you pickup the groceries.

3. Substitutions
I made the mistake of not paying attention to the substitution option when I checked out the first time. For instance, I needed a specific allergy medication. They didn't have it, so they substituted it for another brand. I didn't uncheck the substitution box for that item.

The next time, I unchecked the box for items that I did not want them to substitute.

4. Coupons
Unfortunately, there isn't an option to put in coupons for the grocery pickup.

5. Pickup
You will receive a call from the store when your groceries are ready to be picked up. When you are about 10-15 minutes out, you will need to call them back and let them know you are on the way. Once you arrive, go to the designated parking spot and call the same phone number. It takes a few minutes, and then they bring out your groceries. Check the list they have, the substitutions, and make sure they pulled everything on your list.

Using the grocery pickup has saved me about two hours of being in the store. The fact that I can do this instead of going to the store is awesome. Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite activities. It's well worth it, and I hope they continue to offer this service.

If you would like to save $10 off your Wal-Mart grocery pickup, use this referral link! It saves you some cash and me too.

Happy Shopping,


Etsy: Valentine's Day 2016

Do you know what you want for Valentine's Day? I don't have a clue either. So, I started searching for ideas to send the husband, and come across these fantastic finds on Etsy. You may want to add these to your list as well.

 Hello, coffee drinkers! Add a reusable coffee travel mug from DeeGee Marie Gifts to your Valentine wish list. Nothing says 'I love you' like a mug full of coffee.

I read the name of the lotion, and had to include it. Love Notes by Etiquette sounds amazing. If I get more love notes by wearing it, that would be awesome too. 

A journal is a thoughtful and special gift that you cherish for a long time. The bright red cover, and the simple lettering make this journal from Transient Books a winner.

House shoes! It's winter people, and my feet are always freezing. These adorable house shoes from VickniDesigns remind me of my Grandmother. She crocheted house shoes for us when we were little. I know that's not a romantic thought, but a girl can always use another pair of comfy house shoes. 

I had to add jewelry to the list. It really wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a little bling. I love the heart and infinity design by Mahalo Spirit.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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