International Women's Day: 4 Ways Women Can Change the World

Happy International Women's Day. Like some of you, I struggle with feminism. Women should have the same rights as men, but we have a uniqueness about us that should be embraced. If we agree that we are all equal in God's eyes and that human kind needs to work toward that principle, then what can we do to make the world a better place as women? 

We can start with our abilities and talents as women.

1. Speak a Kind Word
Women like to talk. Are your words helpful and encouraging? We all step up on our soap box and vent every once in a while. That's human. When you take a look at your day, did you speak life? Did you encourage someone?  When you pass by a lady on the street tell her how great she looks today. Tell your children you are proud of them. Call your girlfriends and tell them how much they mean to you. Just a smile or a kind word can change a person's perspective on life.

2. Unconditional Love
The Urban Dictionary defines unconditional love as, "To love somebody with no conditions or circumstances: to love completely." When we look at love as something with no strings attached, the world becomes a much better place. There is no comparison. The people around us don't seem so annoying. Loving without hesitation takes practice, but we can all work on it together. Have you experienced unconditional love? If not, start showing it. You'll be surprised when you give love without conditions how much love is given in return. 

3. Stand Up for the Weak
Some one around you doesn't have a voice. If you see a child or another person who cannot help themselves, speak up. They may not know how to ask for help. A child may be in an abusive situation. If you turn your back and do nothing, you leave a person without a voice. Step in and be the good that people need to see. Be encouraged! Being bold! Speak up for those who have no voice, and it will give them strength to go on. 

4. Prayer
I saved the best for last. God is in control. Bring all your concerns, requests, and praises to Him. As women, we bare burdens we were never meant to carry. Pray and give it to God. Pray for our nation, your family, friends, job, and your daily life. God has a plan for every woman. If we seek him first, we will make the world a better place. 

Doing the small things make a huge impact. I need a reminder every once in a while, too. 

How are you celebrating International Women's Day? 


Favorite Things: Organizational Tools

Finding a way to stay organized comes by trial and error. I've been looking for tools to keep me organized and still easy to use. You can relate, I'm sure. Here are a few of my favorite organizational tools that I can't live without.

Google Keep 
Writing notes is a daily occurrence. We make to do list, grocery lists, Christmas wish list, and business checklist. Keeping all of this organized can be overwhelming. Google Keep has been a life changer. You can use it on your phone and computer.

My husband and I use it for shared lists. We have a running grocery list that can be checked off when items are purchased. We also use it for an available meal list. Kevin constantly asks what I want for dinner. Now, he can look at the list and see what meals I have planned for each week. Whenever we create a new list that the other one needs to see, we add each other to that specific list. Fantastic!

Projects are a part of our business and running the home. Trello, is the tool my husband introduced me to a couple of weeks ago. It allows you to add projects which are called boards. Add a card to the board to organize your projects. You can assign specific tasks to different people, send comments about each item, and color code each project. Love it!

Three Subject Notebook from Pink Light Studio
One of my Christmas presents was a three subject notebook. I love writing down first drafts and outlines by hand. The problem, is that I have a dozen notebooks. This note book fits perfectly in my small computer bag or purse. I can take my writing with me, and the design is adorable. The cover is doubled over, and the tabs help me stay organized.

Google Drive
With all of the photos and documents we create on a daily basis, we needed something to stay organized. My hubby and I need to share documents, and Google Drive allows us this freedom. It provides one location for photos, documents, and anything else we need for our business. Most people know about Google Drive, but it's worth mentioning if you have forgotten about it.

Reading is like breathing. It must happen everyday or I lose my mind. Flipboard allows me to organize my reading into different magazines. Put in the topics of interest and create magazines to organize your content. It's an easy way to manage and archive articles you want to read later and save for reference. You will love the app for reading on the go. Follow my magazines here.

Organization can be frustrating, but with these tools they are a snap. Let me know what tools you use.

Happy Organizing,


Book Review: Messanger

So far I've read three of the four books in The Giver quartet. I'll admit that the second book threw me for a loop. It has nothing to do with the first book in the series, but I trusted the author to make a connection.

The third book in The Giver series by Lois Lowry is Messenger. It follows closely behind Gathering Blue. Matty is a little older and a little less rambunctious in this book. He's had a rough childhood, but seems to have found a place to call home with the Seer. Life in Village starts to change from when he first arrived. The population of his new town no longer wants outsiders. They no longer show care and concern for one another. Matty doesn't like the changes, but cannot understand them either.

Jonas from the first book reappears as the leader of Village. He has an extraordinary power, and helps Matty realize his power as well. The three books intermingle in the Messenger. As with every Lois Lowry book I've read, I was turning each page in anticipation of the next.

Let me know your thoughts about the Messenger. Did you love the book?

Happy Reading,


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Unique Valentine's for Kids

If we can make Valentine's Day cards instead of buying them, then that's what we'll do. For the last two years my oldest son has taken Star Wars Valentine's to school. I asked if he wanted to make this year three for three, and he gave a resounding no.

Javen is a budding artist, so I suggested he draw a Valentine card for his classmates. His world is consumed with Transformers at the moment. We worked on the drawing together and he colored it. Afterward, I scanned it into the computer and used PicMonkey to add the text. We printed enough copies for his class, and he wrote everyone's name on the cards.

With a little creativity and a little time, he had unique Valentine's Day Cards.

Another great idea is a stamped Valentine. Use paint and an empty toilet paper roll to make a custom Valentine's Day Card.

Still needing inspiration? Make paper and pipe cleaner flowers. Give a bunch to a special Valentine or one flower for each classmate. Attach a note to the flowers or make a vase from paper and a tin can.

I hope you have a lovely and unique Valentine's Day.



At the beginning of the year we make plans and set goals. Everyone's motivation is different. Some want to improve or master a new skill. Others yearn to learn more, while others use their reflection as motivation to improve their fitness.

One motivating factor for change is the fear of regret. Not many people talk about it because of the uncomfortable air it leaves in the room after the word has been uttered. Regret is served differently. Many unload the thought of regret as they live the life they always wanted. Others strap on the burden as each day passes taking them further away from their dreams.

My grandmother died when I was in my early twenties. She had Alzheimer's, and it robbed her of her life and memories. I remember thinking at her funeral how much life she still had left if the terrible disease had not entered her life. She must of had so many regrets. Grandmother never traveled to exotic places, sat at home and crocheted house shoes and doilies for fun, and her favorite afternoon snack was Dr. Pepper and Cheetos Puffs. What a dull life! Or so I thought.

Who am I to judge whether another person had a life full of missed opportunities? Regret is personal. When we look at what makes a person happy, we automatically compare it to our own definition of happiness. My grandmother was happy when she sat down to crochet or went to the craft store to pick out different colors of yarn. She loved making things for her family, and it was a way for her to show us love.

My thoughts about regret, dreams, and happiness are my own. I should never pity people who spend their days at home passing the time with a hobby they enjoy. Grandmother had a home, a family that loved her, and the freedom to be creative. To many this is a dream come true.

Whatever your dreams are for this new year, I wish you joy above all else.

Here's to no regrets,



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