7 Tips For Fighting Boredom As a Mom

Let's get one thing straight. Boredom and nothing to do are totally different things. As a mom you are constantly going, busy, and running. You nurture the kids, do mountains of laundry, cook, and clean over and over every day. That is busy. You can be bored and busy at the same time.

Boredom is when you are not mentally stimulated. As a mom, it's easy to become bored with the duties of motherhood. (Please no emails that I'm a terrible mom) I love being a mom and wouldn't change it for the world. At the same time, I'm an adult and can only take some many renditions of the Thomas the Train theme song. I need more than wiping mouths and butts.

If you are looking for ways to stay mentally engaged while taking care of your child, then that is completely understandable. Here are a few ideas that might interest you.

#1 Leave
Getting out of the house for an hour or so can awaken the senses and breath new life into your bored self. You will get new ideas for a craft, your home business, redecorating, or just do something fun. The four walls of your house can close in on you, so leave. Please make sure the kids are with someone you trust before bolting out the door.

#2 Network
Business owners are not the only people that need to build a network. Join mommy groups, get involved in community activities, and attend play dates. Socializing is key to building a village and to maintain your sanity. We were never meant to be moms without a network.

#3 Classes
Sometimes the only way to be mentally engaged is to learn. Take classes at the local library, community center, or university. If you have always wanted to learn to bake, take a class. If you want to get your masters degree, take classes. You will learn a new skill, meet new people, and possibly find a new venture.

#4 Hobby
I know shopping at Hobby Lobby could be considered a hobby for some of us, but you need to develop a hobby that is a stress reliever. It needs to be something you enjoy doing. If you have trouble thinking of possible hobbies, then remember what you enjoyed doing as a child. Did you love painting? Did you love to bake or sew? Were you the junior league bowling champ back in the day? Revisit these old interests, and you may find a new love.

#5 Exercise
Working out is not only great for your body, but it also stimulates the mind. Taking a walk after dinner can give you new ideas for tomorrow's activities. Yoga is soothing, and opens up the mind to new possibilities. Stimulate the body, and it will stimulate the mind.

#6 Read
Not everyone is a reader, and I get that. Before having children, I could finish a book in one week. Now, I'm lucky if I finish one in a month. Your priorities change, and time to read diminishes. Set aside ten minutes each day to read the genre of your choice. You'll be amazed what happens when you give yourself time to read.

#7 Volunteer
Putting your energy toward something bigger than yourself will keep you from getting bored. Offer to bring a meal to an elderly neighbor once a week. Serve meals at a homeless shelter once a month. Organize a fundraiser for your favorite charity. The possibilities are endless.

The tasks of motherhood are rewarding, and they can be mundane. We love our children so much that we put ourselves last. You have a brain, and you need to stimulate it. Memorizing all of the cartoon theme songs is not an option. Brainstorm ideas and fight mommy boredom.


6 Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair Short

Most of my life I had long hair. It was just a part of my look, and it was a difficult decision to cut it. The decision wasn't really because I wanted short hair, but because I wanted to donate my hair.

I was scared and worried that I would look bald, but it turned out to be a great decision. After having my hair short for two years, I've learned a few things that are drastically different from long hair.

#1 More Hair Appointments
You will visit your hair stylist on a regular basis as long as you have short hair. Hair can sometimes grow unevenly, and this will show up more with short haircuts. Also, to keep the style looking it's best you will need to make an appointment every six to eight weeks.

#2 Everyday Styling
With long hair you can pull it back in a ponytail or a bun and run out the door. This isn't the case with short hair. Even with messy waves, you will need to dedicate time each day to styling your hair. The good news is next!

#3 Time Saving
When I had long hair, it took me at least 20 minutes just to dry it. Now with short hair, I can dry and style my hair in about 10 minutes. Short hair is a time saver when it comes to styling your hair everyday.

#4 Different Hairstyle
When you have short hair, it is easy to have a different look with minimal effort. Even the simple act of pulling your hair behind your ears can change the look. Check out this great video of ways to style your short hair in just a few minutes.

#5 Volume!
When your hair is fine and long it just lays there like a flat pancake on your head. The more product you put it the worse it looks. The good news for ladies with fine hair, your volume level will skyrocket with short hair. It's easier to tease, and it holds curl better.

#6 It's Not Temporary
Unless you have hundreds of dollars to fork out for extensions, this isn't something you want to try for a few weeks, and then start to grow out. It's a commitment to have short hair. If you have commitment issues, go see a counselor and try a wig for a couple of weeks.

So, have you made the decision to cut your hair? It will totally change your look, and make you feel like a new person. Post pics of before and after pics in the comments. I'd love to see your new style.


Picture Books to Read This Summer

Picture books are the main reading material in our home these days. With summer comes the job of keeping little hands and minds busy. Add these books to your summer reading list for loads of fun.

Summer vacations are about getting outside and enjoying the sand and water. The little boy in this book has mastered the art of the blame game while at the beach. 

Your child will never guess what Joe is wanting to share with all the animals of the forest. This book keeps them guessing the entire way through.

Does your child love to tinker with gadgets and gizmos? Do they love to build? This is the book for young engineers and explorers. 

Creating a story is a great way to stretch kids' imaginations. Rocket is a great example of taking reading to the next level.

Summer is a time for sleepovers and staying up all night. It's also a great time to talk about how each of us is different, yet beautifully made.

Did you run errands for your mom? We may not send our children down the street for bread like our grandparents did, but we can encourage their imaginations to take them to distant lands.

Parents should also enjoy reading picture books. You will definitely have a giggling good time when you read this book to your child.

What books would you add to the summer reading list? Add your favorites in the comments.

Happy Reading,


Etsy: Independence Day Decorations for Your Home

Decorating your house for July 4th is really simple. Slap some red, white, and blue everywhere and you're set. If you want to put a little more thought into your Independence Day decor, check out these great items from Etsy. They scream USA, and so will your home.

Chloe and Olive dot com make these patriotic pillows. They will look great on your couch, window seat, or patio bench.

Every door needs a wreath from Punky and Mister. Show the entire neighborhood your American pride.

Decor Place will help you dress up the mantel for July 4th. You could use the banner in the kids' rooms to spread patriotic spirit throughout the entire house.

Change up the framed art, and add a holiday piece from Dainty Press. You can reuse the printable for Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day too.

I love this wooden sign from Starry Night Signs. Hang it on the patio, and it's the perfect backdrop for photos with sparklers.

Why not dress up the kitchen and bathrooms with Independence Day flare from No Skein No Gain Designs. Everyone needs to wash up, so let's do it with fireworks.

Changing up the decor for holidays doesn't have to be reserved for the fall and winter. Use patriotic decor to show USA pride. 

Happy Independence Day,


Book Review: Writer for Hire

Photo Credit: Amazon

If you are looking for a book to give guidance to your freelance writing career, Writer for Hire is the book to read. Kelly James-Enger gives insider knowledge and translates it for the new-to-the-industry writer.  

There are aspects of a writing career that are not glamorous and sometimes down right ugly. Taxes, marketing, and accounting are just a few of the necessary elements of running a freelance business. Enger takes you through the enjoyment of earning a living through writing, and also offers steps for turning writing from a hobby to a career. 

If you are looking for more great reads on freelance writing, check out Writer Mama.  



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