Home Decor Signs: Naughty and Nice

The other day we visited one of my favorite stores. Yes, it was Hobby Lobby (no this isn't a sponsored post). I make it a point to visit the sign and wall decor area every time I visit. They always have great stuff.

This weekend was no exception. I'm sure I could find a place for every one of these signs in my home.

I actually laughed out loud when I saw this sign. It would have to go in my closet or bathroom.

If there ever was a good wall hanging for the kitchen, this is it.

Wall art about love could go in any area of my home. It's perfect!

Ha! Tell it like it is! Maybe this should be made into a door hanger.

Another one to hang in the kitchen as a great reminder.

Just because I love the beach, this fabulous sign would dress up the walls of my bedroom.

Which one is your favorite? 

Happy Shopping,


Get Well Essentials for the Stomach Bug

For the last few days the guys in our house have been battling the stomach bug. At the first sign of trouble I went to the store to stock up on get well essentials. This list is what I use when the tummy bug starts to attack.

Note: Always consult a doctor.

*Apple sauce and bananas are great for stopping up the system when diarrhea hits
*Gatorade to replace electrolytes
*Saltine crackers to nibble on when you can finally keep food down.
*Green apples when you feel nauseous
*7up for nausea
*Chicken noodle soup and chicken broth
*Jello and Popsicles
*Plenty of drinking water

*Pro-biotics will replenish the good bacteria in the intestines and boost the immune system
*Pepto to calm the stomach
*Emetrol for nausea
*Any other medications your doctor recommends

Cleaning Supplies:
*Mask and gloves
*Trash bags
*Clorox or disinfectant wipes
*Lysol or disinfectant spray
*Toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and disinfectant
*Laundry detergent

I also bought reading material for guys while they were laying down. We also utilized the Tivo and DVDs most of the day.

I wouldn't wish the stomach bug or flu on anyone. If you are one of the unfortunate ones, it's best to have these items on hand. You do not want to go to the store when you are sick.

To your health,


This is not a sponsored post. 

French Country Kitchen Update

 Right away I knew how to decorate my kitchen in our new home. The French country style works perfectly with the bright yellow walls. I went shopping at an antique store and found two beautiful plates to start my collection. 

My aunt attended the baby shower that I threw for my sister, and she saw my meager plate wall. She said that I could have her extra plates and bowls which were stored in an old cabinet. I was thrilled! A couple of weeks later she came by, and I made my selection from her collection. They were all so beautiful, and it was heard to narrow my choices. After making my decision, I laid out the plates how I wanted them to hang on the wall.   

I used a combination of plate hooks and the above adhesive hangers. My aunt suggested that I dip the entire adhesive hanger in water. Then let the excess water run off the hanger. I set is aside for three minutes before pressing it onto the back of the plates. The adhesive hanger worked like a charm, and it holds really well. 

My French country kitchen is coming together, and when it is complete I will show all the before and after pictures. Do you decorate with antiques or plates? 

Happy Decorating,


A Little Staycation

Planning big getaways wasn't on the radar this year. My little one year old daughter isn't a road warrior, so we thought it would be best to tackle a staycation instead of a cross country trip. At this stage in life, the kids are thrilled to stay in a hotel and the location is completely irrelevant.

We planned activities to do each day, but we kept it simple and allowed time for spontaneity as well. With little ones, you have to go with the flow, toss out the routine, and smile.

Our first stop was the train museum in Frisco, Texas. The boys love trains, and this seemed like a great idea despite the heat. The boys kept asking me to take their picture with each train. Heaven had come down to earth in the form of a train yard. 

On the tour we saw the dinning car with the china and the menus that were used. It would have been grand in it's hay day.

I don't know why I love this picture so much, but here it is.

After the tour we visited the little museum and escaped the sweltering Texas heat. It was a great way to end the tour. 

After a much needed nap, we headed to the ballpark to watch the Frisco Rough Riders play. It was my children's first baseball game. The night was perfect. We had general admission tickets so we sat in the grassy area in the shade. The kids could run around and play while we watched the game. My hubby ordered hot dogs for the kiddos, and they loved every minute of the game.

 The next day we headed for the Frontiers of Flight Museum. The museum has everything from the planes to hot air balloons to the space shuttle. The boys again wanted their picture with all the planes, and I was happy to take them. My husband, was also in heaven. He explained all the different planes and the engine parts. Since he is an Air Force guy, I planned this for him as much as for the boys.

We had some amazing food during out little staycation, but I don't have any pictures. It was amazing and you will just have to take my word for it. We devoured it by the time I thought to take a picture. 

We swam in the pool and hung out at the hotel for a bit. The next day we wanted to do one more thing before heading home.

The last excursion was for my hubby. We went to Bass Pro so he could swoon over the boats, look at the guns, and so the kids could see the aquarium. Baby girl and I were just along for the ride. 

Our little getaway was perfect. As the kids get a little older we will venture out further and further. I'm already planning the next vacation. 


6 Life Hacks to Reduce Stress

Organization is one of those things that can be learned, thank goodness. Anything that makes my life a little easier and less stressful deserves a look. Take the time to apply these little life hacks to your life and it will bring you a little more happiness and a little less craziness.

1. Keys
When we first got married, I was constantly looking for my keys. They were in the bottom of my purse or on the dresser. It always took an additional five minutes to look for the keys before heading out the door.

Now, I have all of our keys hanging by the garage door. As soon as we come in, the keys go on the hook. They are always in the same place, and this saves time.

2. Organize Your Tech
Taking the time to organize the apps on your phone or tablet will help you find what you are looking for more quickly. Also, take a few minutes and organize your emails, home management files, and important documents. Having these items organized the next time you go to pay the bills will save you a headache.

3. Calendar
For the longest time I would put my business dates and personal dates on different calendars. Hello! What was I thinking? Have a family calendar that you and your spouse can view. Place all of your upcoming appointments on the same calendar and color code them accordingly. I use Google calendar, and it works great.  Learn from my mistakes. Have one calendar!

4. In It's Place
I once heard a professional organizer say that if something in your home doesn't have a place or you can't find a place for it then it needs to go. After moving, I was determined to not have any boxes in my house. Everything would have a place. I relocated things, and I threw away trash bags full of stuff. The donation center was so glad when I stopped by. Simplifying is one of the best stress relievers. The less stuff you have, the less you have to look through when you lose something.

5.  The Mudroom
Our new house is the first one I have ever had with a mudroom. It was a huge selling point for me. The mudroom closet houses our jackets, coats, hats, scarves, shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, and the kids' sidewalk chalk. My kids know right where there shoes are when we are ready to leave. After placing all of these items in one closet, my life changed for the better.

6. Pantry
Some moms love to grocery shop and cook. I'm not included in that category. At times, I would rather go hungry than have to plan out one more meal. That doesn't work since I have four other people to feed. My saving grace is keeping the pantry stocked with staple items. Whatever your family can't live without, buy double and stock up the pantry. When the food is running low, turn to those staples to get you through to the next grocery shopping trip.

What life hacks do you recommend to deter craziness? Share your ideas with us.



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