Book Review: The Dollhouse Murders

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Looking for a ghostly story to read before Halloween? The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright will intrigue you and make you sleep with the lights on. I read the YA novel in middle school, and it only took me three days to finish it. I read for hours and only stopped to eat. 

If you are looking for a spooky story to read with your middle school children, I would recommend The Dollhouse Murders

One of my fondest memories was my mother reading chapter books to me at night. Take the time to read with your children even when they are old enough to read by themselves. It's special to share books together. 

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How to Hire the Right Editor

You've written your heart out. You put your soul on paper. Perhaps, an executive asked you to represent the company and write the advertising brochures. What now? Do you submit it for publishing?


You need another set of eyes. Everyone can write. Some can write well. Giving your masterpiece to another person for scrutinize may seem like torture. However, putting your best work forward is worth the red marks covering the paper. An editor will correct grammar and sentence structure. They also give suggestions on the flow of the piece.

Where can you find an editor you can trust?

Finding an editor is easier than you think. Once you find an editor that understands your vision and writing style, you will never let her go.

Where to Find an Editor

I'll admit it! I have a Fiverr account. It was a great way to get work and experience fast. If you need an editor for a small piece and you write well, check out the freelancers waiting to sink their teeth into your work.

Yes, I have a profile on Freelancer as well. What did expect? I'm a freelance writer and editor. You can post a variety of projects on You will pay more for editing on this site, but you won't get first time editors either.

This is another great site for finding a knowledgeable editor. Like Freelancer, you will find serious editors. You pay for what you get.

Tips for Hiring an Editor

*Ask for references.
*Look at the editor's website and/or portfolio.
*Ask for samples of their work.
*Never ask for an editor to do a sample edit for you. A good editor will not give away free work.
*Network with freelancers. A graphic designer might know a freelance editor. Freelancers network, and so should you.
*Know your budget.

When you locate the perfect editor for you, don't lose her. She will make your writing sound amazing. The good news; you get all the credit!

Need an editor? Check out my services page. I help writers succeed!

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Book Review: The Fifth Avenue Artist Society

Breakout author Joy Callaway, wrote the alluring novel The Fifth Avenue Artists Society. This summer I was looking for a great novel to take on vacation. A suggestion from Everyday Reading intrigued me. Normally, I read mystery novels, but I wanted something different this time.

Callaway's novel didn't disappoint. She masterfully pulls you into each scene, and captivates you with the emotion of the young protagonist. I kept reading and analyzing the book. I knew there was something not right with the characters, but I couldn't place it. Being a writer, it frustrated and enchanted me.

So not to give away the ending, I will not tell any more. The ending is unexpected and shocking. It will hold your attention until the last page. Let me know your thoughts about this book. I'd love to know.

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Now a Vegan!


How many of you are vegan? According to a Harris Interactive Study, only eight million people in the United States are vegan. I'm joining their ranks.

At the beginning of 2016, Kevin and I changed our diet and began to exercise regularly. I thought the change would be immediate. We cut out most processed foods and even more sugar.  We ate so many greens, I thought my hair had green highlights.  After three months it was time for my physical. The results were not what I expected.

My cholesterol was high. 247! The doctor put me on the lowest dosage statin, and I was advised to see a dietitian. The changes we made were not enough. I needed to do something to lower my numbers.

The answer was becoming a vegan. For a person that is used to having cheese, this was a major change. Hello! I live in Texas. We were raised on steak and BBQ. The dietitian knew the change would be astronomical and suggested that I become 80% vegan.

The other 20% will be reserved for bacon!

Okay, it won't be all bacon. The point being, I have to make drastic changes to see minimal results. I'm not obese and my blood pressure is perfect. On the other hand, my mother had high cholesterol. Genes are playing a large role in the vegan ballet.

After a few months on the new diet, it was time for my follow up. The numbers were better than expected. My cholesterol is now 139! The good cholesterol is up, and the bad down. All the nights spent working out and eating the healthiest of food made a difference. If my numbers stay low, I hope to stop taking the statin.

If you are struggling with health issues, don't stop looking for answers. They may be in the most unlikely of places. Take control of your health.

Now a vegan,


Living with Life Insurance

Experiencing the lose of a parent is hard at any age. I never thought I would lose my mother at the age of 58. She was young and had so many years ahead of her. The unexpected happened when she was diagnosed with glioblastomia. It's an extremely fast growing brain cancer.

From the time of her diagnosis to her death was only 18 months. For years my sister and I implored our parents to get medical and life insurance. They didn't. By the time Mom was diagnosed, it was too late.

They had to rely of the generosity of family to cover the funeral expenses. Their medical debt was astronomical.

For as long as I have been married, my husband and I have had life and medical insurance. It is a non-negotiable. We don't want to burden anyone else with our expenses. It's the grown-up thing to do. It's the responsible thing to do.

My mother thought she had many more years on this earth, and her planning reflected her beliefs. Please don't make the same mistake as my parents. Get life insurance. Get medical insurance. They are necessary evils.

You never know what the future holds. Hopefully you will not have to use your life insurance for a very long time. Just in case you do, you will have the peace of mind that it is there.

If you would like more information on choosing the right life insurance for you, please check out this article from

Planning ahead,


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